We recently spoke to BBC Radio Leeds about the benefits dance can have on mature people -mental, physical, emotional and social skills improving through the power of dance…

In response to Katie speaking about the benefits of dance for mature people on BBC Radio Leeds recently we thought it might be interesting to investigate a little bit further. We know that everybody loves to have a little boogie once in a while. Maybe when you’ve had a little tipple, or your favourite song comes on the radio you can’t help, but tap your foot or wiggle your hips. However, do you know just how beneficial dance is for our older generation? With more and more of our maturer adults sliding away from independence, and feeling the negatives that old age can create, how do we counteract that?

Well, simply dance.

There is something magical about dance. It’s highly flexible in terms of style, space and level of intensity, and there’s no specialist equipment needed so can be amended to suit every body and requirement. According to the NHS those over 65 should aim to do 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (such as dancing) in addition to strength exercises (such as yoga, heavy gardening, weights) per week. It may seem like a lot if you’re not already an active person, but when you consider the other benefits of dancing it’s hard to argue against it.

With regular practice dancing can…

  • Help with fall prevention by fine tuning motor skills, increase flexibility and balance.
  • Improve coordination by increasing your spatial awareness and proprioception.
  • Build self confidence as you become more active and attuned to your body.
  • Improve social skills as you meet new people and get yourself out of the house.

What do we offer at The Dance Studio Leeds for the more mature lady and gentleman?

Mondays, 10:15am – 11:15am

Suitable for complete beginners and those with a basic knowledge of ballet, this class will focus on developing the fundamentals of ballet technique using barre and centre work exercises. Ballet is a great way to keep fit and tone your body, whilst also strengthening and increasing muscle flexibility.

Price: £6 / £5.50 student or £30 / £27 for a 6 class package

Need to book? No! Just drop in.

Mondays, 11:30am – 12:30pm

A fun fitness class featuring traditional and modern Jazz styles. You will learn some basic Jazz technique which helps to develop balance, co-ordination and mobility, and enjoy learning diverse routines to uplifting music.

Price: £6 per individual class, or £42 for an 8 class package

Do I need to book? No! Just drop in.

Mondays, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

A class for people who have had some previous experience of tap dance and who wish to develop their technique. You will learn new dance steps and rhythms and refresh on the classics!

Price: £6 per individual class, or £42 for an 8 class package

Do I need to book? No! Just drop in.

Is that all?


Our maturer dancers are by no means excluded from our evening classes and courses! So if Monday daytime doesn’t work for you then we have lots of other classes that might suit:

Drop in Classes:



(For more information please click on the class to be taken to our website)

If none on these classes are piquing your interest, then please take a look at our full timetable! With Cuban Salsa, Hot Charleston, Swing Dance and many more on offer there’s sure to be something that takes your fancy!

As Len Goodman says:

‘If you’re married it’s something you can share with your other half, and if you’re single it gives you an opportunity to meet other people,’ he says.

‘We’re all living longer, so we have all got to be more active in the third age.’

(quote taken from Age Uk’s article: Come Dancing and Get Fit)