Introducing our August teacher feature, Beth Faith!

Beth Faith

Class Beth teaches:
  • Afro Fusion / Thursdays 7:25-8:25pm

What is your dance background?

My name is Beth Faith and I have been dancing for 4 years predominately in the style of Afro-Fusion. Also through touching other styles such as Dancehall and Commercial, I have choreographed for artists and done various dance projects all over the UK. Coming from a Cameroonian-Nigerian background dance has always been at core of family gatherings and celebrations. This personally for me then blossomed into professional work and embracing other forms of dance.

What is your favourite style and why?


My favourite style of dance has to be Afro Fusion as it embraces all different dance styles within Africa and blends then into its own distinctive style. It allows people from different background to share ideas, techniques and moves. Furthermore its a style with no barriers and is easy going keeping the joy of dance at it centre.

If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?

If I was not a dancer i’d pursue the field of Sociology. As a uni student I love to understand how it is society effects everyone and our interactions with one another. This field intales topics such as Race, Crime, Gender and Business which are all things that effect us all.

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