Join us for our NEW Advanced Crash Courses!

Aimed at Inter-Advanced dancers who are looking to learn or expand on other dance genres unfamiliar to them. These one off workshops will introduce you to the basics of the style in a faster pace environment than a traditional beginners class.

A great opportunity to meet other artists and come away with some new skills and knowledge!

Not suitable for people who consider themselves complete beginners to dance.

These classes will run monthly in differing styles.




We would love to hear from you, so please let us know if there are any styles you would like to learn for future events! 🙂

Salsa Crash Course led by Leeds Salsa Club

NEXT DATE TBC – Please contact us to express an interest

This fundamentals salsa class will be a mixture of solo, footwork and partner work.

It is not required to bring a partner for this class but you may be asked to follow or lead during the session

Rahul, Salsa Twin International artist and one of the leading instructors in Leeds Abigail Ramsay. Salsa Twins internationally renowned dancer / choreographer who have taught performed around the world and semifinalist of Greece Got Talent, numerous TV appearances and shows internationally.

Additional Info Dates: Next Date TBC Age Group: 16 + Level: Inter - Advanced dancers What to bring: Comfortable clothing and shoes (optional heels). Please bring your own water bottle. Do I need to book? Yes, booking required
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