The BoyWithTheBox (BWTB) is a step aerobic class which aims to fuse various music styles such as Garage, Grime, Hip Hop, Reggaetón, Pop and more. The music & step class are fused together to create an upbeat exciting and fun group dance like setting.

The class has a low barrier for entry as all it requires is a step box. Although the barrier for entry is low it does take focus to grasp some of the movement…Co-ordination is very important in this class.

I created the BoyWithTheBox to cater to a niche I identified over lockdown. My friends and peers from my background on twitter and Instagram were often expressing how they would love to try group exercise classes but refuse to attend classes that focus their music towards house/pop/electric dance music (EDM).

My goal with BoyWithTheBox is to create an environment that delivers an exciting upbeat group exercise culture while catering music to all as opposed to a small niche.

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Additional Info Dates: Weekly on Saturdays 9.45-10.45am (No Class: 4th May 2024) Age Group: Adults 18+ Level: Open Level What to bring: Water, sporting attire of their choice, running trainers will be best the foot wear & a towel. Do I need to book? Yes, must book in advance
Tutor Bio
I am Ero, the step instructor for the BoyWithTheBox. I coach step at different venues in Leeds as well as here at DSL every Saturday Morning. If you are interested in finding out more about me and the classes feel free to contact me via Instagram @BoyWithTheBox or contact me on 07547906891.