In this four week course you’ll be learning how to dance a full song in a group without any choreography.

Jam Circles can be intimidating but in Robs style of jam circles no one will be alone in the middle, everyone works together to make simple moves awesome. Can only remember that one move? No problem, do that one move and everyone else will join in. Using cues from your circle and the music you can keep up with what’s happening and make every dance unique without needing to know every move and variation that ever existed.

This course is open to everyone who knows the basic charleston step, from beginners to experts. Having a mix of abilities will only make the jam circles better and you’ll learn more from it.

Booking required – Book Here

Additional Info Dates: Wednesdays - 1st - 22nd September 2021 Age Group: Adults (min.18 yrs) Level: Beginners to experts What to bring: Flat shoes and comfortable clothes recommended. Do I need to book? Yes
Tutor Bio Rob and Tina have studied Lindy Hop under some of the best teachers in the world. They have been teaching and performing together as Swing Dance Leeds since 2011. They teach at events all over the UK and every night of the week locally. They are very keen on getting new people dancing and welcome everyone who wants to learn. Their courses fun, friendly and go at a steady pace, and focus on getting ready for the social dance floor.