Real self protection and self defence techniques for real situations. The world is full of violence and attacks can happen to anyone at anytime, it’s not scare tactics, its the truth. It’s better to know it and never need it than need it and never know it. We teach only the most effective and modern techniques for violent altercations. Equip yourself with the tools that could potentially save your life one day. Our Full Force Combatives system relies on simple and effective techniques and tactics. We encourage you to train in your every day clothing to make it as real as possible. You won’t waste countless hours hitting pads instead you’ll be working your techniques in reality based scenario drills, examining real case footage, developing awareness and threat assessment and more.

IG: @fullforceleeds

Additional Info Dates: Thursdays Age Group: 15+ years Level: Open Level, no previous experience needed What to bring: Comfortable clothing/Gym Attire, Trainers, Water Do I need to book? No, Drop in Class
Tutor Bio Full Force Martial Arts The Saber Academy - Tae-kwon Do Black Belt - Brazilian JiuJitsu Blue Belt - Movement Coach - 21 years Martial Arts experience - 10 years Coaching experience - 11 years Movement experience - 6 years Gymnastics experience - Competed in TKD and Kickboxing - Active grappling competitor - DBS/CRB Checked