Join us for a pop up workshop with the amazing Jazzie to explore the wonderful world of waacking!

What is Waacking?

Waacking is a funk/social dance style created in the LGBTQ+ underground clubs, primarily by gay Black and Hispanic men, in Los Angeles in the 1970s, focusing on disco music at the time. The style is highlighted by arm movements, character, posing and expression.

The workshop will focus on the foundations which they can be put on freestyle and choreography, to understand the history and elements of the style, and having the freedom to fully express themselves on the dance floor. Let’s have a DISCO PARTY!

Open Level. Suitable for all!

Check out Jazzie’s videos @jazzdee on instagram!

Additional Info Dates: Sunday 12th November 2023, 1.45-3.15pm Age Group: 16+ Years Level: Open Level What to bring: Please bring comfortable clothing you can move freely in. In particular avoid restrictive clothing around the arms and shoulders. Please bring your own water bottle. Do I need to book? Yes
Tutor Bio Jazzie has trained in many dance styles and choreography but her current main style is Waacking. She has trained with some of the top Waackers and dancers of all styles in the country and around the world. Jazzie is currently active representing the style through battles, performances, video projects and teaching locally in her home city of Leeds and around the country.