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Advanced / Pro Classes

If you are looking for Advanced/Professional Classes and Workshops check out our Professional Level Classes page for the line up!

Beginners Commercial Workshop

Join Jess for a Commercial Workshop suitable for complete beginners, or those who have previously taken the Beginners Commercial Course. In this one off workshop, we will work on a short fun routine over the course of the hour lesson, working on building confidence, as well as technique.

Next Dates:

  • Wednesday 24th July, 7.25-8.25pm


Divas Workshop 

Come and learn a routine in this one hour workshop. The class will consist of a number of styles including Jazz, Commercial and Street Dance!

Next Dates:

  • Thursday 11th July, 7.30-8.30pm

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Beginners Heel Course 

This 4 week course will include lessons in strutting and posing and building up to more complex elements of heels choreography, including floor work (knee pads recommended) to give you the technique and confidence to dance in heels.

Next Dates:

  • 25th July – 15th August 2024, 6.15-7.15pm

Get Down With The Kids

This fun dance and fitness class is a perfect way for you and your child to enjoy some weekend exercise together, while learning fun routines and making new friends. For those who love to dance or those who just want to get fit, this class is suitable for all levels!

Next Dates:

  • Sunday 7th July, 1-2pm

Beginners Dance Classes

Join us weekly on Thursday for our fun themed dance classes with Jess, suitable for Beginners! Our classes run as either 4 week Mash Up Courses, where we will pick themes such as different eras, musicals, girlbands and more, or stand alone workshops, again featuring fun themes such as different popstars, dance styles and more!

Next Dates:

  • Beginners Line Dancing Workshop: Sunday 7th July, 4.30-6pm (Book Here)
  • Mama Mia Mashup Course: Thursday 18th July – 8th August, 8.30-9.30pm (Book Here)


Over 50’s Martha to Madonna

1 hour dance class for over 50s Contemporary Dance Practice.

This class is suited for open level you will learn the basics of Martha Graham Technique in a fun and high spirited routine taught by Emma Clayton.


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