A flowing class to develop strength and flexibility, and revitalise the mind and body. These classes are suitable for beginners or those that have done a little yoga. It is recommended not to eat up to an hour before class. First Class £4! £35 x 6 classes

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Additional Info Dates: Weekly on Saturdays (TBC) Age Group: Adults (min. 16yrs) Level: Beginner What to bring: Comfortable clothing and bare feet. Do I need to book? Yes
Tutor Bio I have been practising yoga for 5 years, it released stress accumulated in my job in social work as well as improving my general levels of fitness and stamina. What suprised me was the enduring effect of yoga long after stepping off the mat, by becoming conscious of your own breath you learn to take control of what you can positively change and let go of the stuff you cannot. Due to the positive impact yoga had on my own wellbeing i decided to undertake teacher training a couple of years back. I continue to develop my own yoga practice alongside teaching. There is a whole philosophy that runs alongside the practice, although i sometimes weave this into the class it is more about getting a good physical workout. The class is based on the rocket, a yoga style developed by the late Larry Schultz, who amongst many other things taught the rocket to the grateful dead. Yoga can be hard at first, as it's fast paced ( designed to heat you up from within), but with practise you will learn to enjoy the challenge, even welcome it into your routine.