We are so excited to announce our brand new online classes and tutorials are now on sale! Choose between purchasing one of our packages or give a solo class a go.

Here’s what’s on offer:

Online Class Packages:
  • Ultimate Mix – Online Dance Class Package (£45)
    The ultimate online dance class mix incorporating a variety of different dance styles and genres for you to enjoy at home. The perfect way to keep fit whilst giving you the chance to try out new styles and themes to master again and again. There’s something for the whole family and the classes are pitched at an open level.

    The package includes 8 classes:

    Stretch with Charlotte, Street Dance New Jack with Kat, Musicals (Greatest Showman routine) Get Down With The Kids Family Dance with Jess, 80’s Footloose Dance Class with Jess, Hairspray Musicals Dance Class with Jess, Ballet Fitness with Deborah, Martha Graham Contemporary Technique with Emma, Waacking Fundamentals with Sarah

    Plus Bonus Mini Tutorials and Classes:

    Tap Fundamentals Taster with Katie, Shirley Temple Tap Step, Quick Chair Stretch with Charlotte, Jazz Tone Warm Up with Katie, 90’s Dance with Jess, DSL Shake for the Whole Family

  • Get Down With The Kids Online Class Package (£15)
    These fun online dance and fitness classes are a perfect way for you and your child to enjoy some exercise together, while learning fun routines and having a good sing along. For those who love to dance or those who just want to get fit, this class is suitable for all levels!

    The package includes 3 themes (Disney, Musicals and Pop) plus a bonus tutorial to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

  • Street Dance Online Class Package (£20)
    These online classes will introduce you to some of the basic street dance foundations. A chance to learn some moves for the Saturday nights whilst getting a great work out! We’re all about the fun and relaxed atmosphere while jamming to some great music! Come and sweat it out with us streetstyle.

    This package contains 4 different themed classes (House, Gangsta, New Jack and Vibes) plus two mini tutorials in locking and house.

Individual Online Classes:
  • 80’s Footloose Class with Jess

    This fun 80’s themed class suitable for beginners includes a warm up to hits from some of the most popular 80’s musicals and a tutorial of a short routine to the absolute classic FOOTLOOSE! Have some fun and get moving at home!

  • Ballet Fitness with Deborah

    This fun fitness class uses the principles of Ballet to give you an all over body workout. Open to all levels this is a great way to tone, strengthen, and improve fitness and flexibility by incorporating some of the traditional movements and foundations of the Ballet genre.

  • Ballet Level 1 (Beginners) with Deborah

    Suitable for beginners who have little or some prior knowledge of the basics of ballet (up to Grade 3 level) or for those who have completed the Ballet Fundamentals Course. This class will focus on developing further the fundamentals of ballet technique using barre, centre work, and allegro exercises.

  • Contemporary Martha Graham Technique with Emma

    An invigorating contemporary dance technique class taught by Emma, who guides you through the classic Martha Graham structure of contraction & release including; floor work to increase strength & flexibility, centre work for co-ordination and movement retention and travel phrases to test stamina, agility and elevation skills. In this technique you must show the effort of work and let out your true emotion, you will sweat, laugh & maybe even shed a tear of nostalgia!

  • Hairspray Musical Theme Class with Jess

    This Musical Theatre workshop inspired by the popular musical Hairspray includes a fun high energy warm up, followed by a tutorial of an Improvers level routine to Welcome to the 60’s! #KeepDancing

  • Stretching with Charlotte

    A thirty minute, whole body stretch tutorial that can be used after a class to fully cool down, or as a standalone video to release tension. Take the stretches as deep as you want, and if you want to stay longer in a stretch remember you can always pause the video! There’s a little bit of strength work to put some heat in the body if you’ve not done a class before this and are a little bit cold, but you can always skip it if you prefer.

  • Tap Improvers with Ceris

    This tap class is suitable for tappers who have some experience (Improvers level) and includes a warm up, short technique exercise, tutorial on how to learn the Manhattan Timestep and a fun routine to Singing In The Rains’ feel good track “Good Morning”.

  • Waacking Fundamentals Tutorial with Sarah

    Ever wanted to learn how to Waack? Learn the fundamentals of Waacking with Sarah Hobson in this 30 minute drills and skills workshop, learning multiple different waacks from your most basic to some more challenging!

How to purchase:
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