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Here’s some FAQ to see if we have answered your question below?

Can I join the class?

Yes, absolutely! All of our classes are either drop in or a course. If the class is advertised as a drop in class there’s no specific start date, you can start anytime during the year. If the class is advertised as a course, then please check the class page and/or enquire with the course’s teacher about when you can join.

Which level is appropriate for me?

The majority of our classes and courses are either open level, beginners, improvers, intermediate or advanced. As a general rule:

  • Open class – open to all levels from beginners to more advanced dancers
  • Beginners – for those with little to no experience of the style
  • Improvers – for those with some experience of the style, but still learning and refining their moves
  • Intermediate – for those with a lot of experience of the style, looking to be pushed and/or learn more difficult steps/routines
  • Advanced – for those with considerable amount of experience in the style, also open to professionals and teachers

How much is it, and how do I pay for it?

The prices of each class differ depending on the teacher and style – for price information please see the individual class page by selecting it from our timetable. If the class is a drop in class  run by The Dance Studio Leeds (Except Get Down With the Kids & Ballet Fitness class) our prices are £8.50 drop in – for block class prices see here.

DSL classes – can be booked online in advance or on the day of the class.

For all Non-DSL classes – Some teachers do have online booking and accept card payments for the class, however, please check the details on the class page to make sure. If in doubt, please bring cash to pay the teacher. The nearest cash point can be found at Aldi, where Skinner Lane meets Regent Street (about 5 mins walk).

Is the class on tonight?

We endeavour to advertise changes to classes as soon as possible. Any class cancellations and changes will be advertised on our website with a note on the timetable or on our Facebook & Instagram pages. If nothing is advertised then the class is running as normal! If in doubt please give us a call on 0113 242 1550 (although please note our daytime office hours do vary if nobody answers your call).

Tell me more about the class?

Full details about when the class is, how much each class is, what level the class is and whether you can just turn up on the night are on each individual class pages which you can find on our class page here.

Where is the studio located?

Our address is:

Mill 6, First Floor
Mabgate Mills, Macaulay St
Leeds, LS9 7SW

We are located in the Mabgate Mills business complex just off Skinner Lane. If driving from the bus station, head north on Regent Street/A61, then turn right at the Aldi supermarket. Take the second right onto Macauley Street, and then turn immediately right down the ramp into Mabgate Mills. We are located on the left side on the Mills, on the first floor of Mill 6.

To view our location on a map, click here

Can I get to the studio using public transport or bicycle?

Walking to the Studio – There’s nothing better than relying on your own feet to get you somewhere! Please be aware that access to Mabgate Mills is via the entrance on Macaulay Street, and leaving the complex is through the same gate. Please do not exit on foot via the automatic gates opening onto Mabgate – these are automatic and work via motion sensor. They are not hand operated, and carry a huge risk of injury if you are caught by the gates.

If exiting via the Macaulay entrance in the evening, you may find the gate is locked. Don’t worry! You can still exit! On the right hand side of the pedestrian gate there is a little silver button on the wall. Press this and it will release the door.


Cycling to the Studio – Mabgate Mills has a secure bike store where you can lock your bike during your time at the studio, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it outside. If you would like to use the bike store, please pop by reception upon your arrival and we’ll assist you from there.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: The bike store is shared between the whole Mabgate Mills complex, so we can’t give precise information about who may use the facility. We strongly recommend that you lock your bike whilst using the bike store, as leaving it in the bike store is not an alternative to using a lock. If you choose to not lock your bike, then it is at your own discretion.  The Dance Studio Leeds accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss or theft that may occur when using the bike store, whether the bike is left unlocked or locked – owners leave their cycle at their own risk.


Travelling by Bus to the Studio – The nearest bus stops (heading both east and west) are on Lincoln Green Road, where you can catch the 42 bus. Please be aware that although this bus goes via the city centre, due to current roadworks the route has been majorly affected, and is subject to change. Please check the route before visiting to ensure that your stop has not changed. You can find out the latest updates to the route HERE.


For more information about getting here by bus and our car parking please visit here.

I want to start dancing which style do you recommend?

If you are looking to learn dance moves that you might use when going out to a club or a bar, our DSL Beginners Street Class is a good place to start. If you’re looking for ways to keep fit then perhaps try out DSL Ballet Fitness. Want to try something brand new? How about giving out DSL Tap Fundamentals course a go!

If none of these take your fancy, then have a look through our classes page and see whether anything draws your attention.

I’m “older/overweight/inexperienced” etc. do you think the class will be suitable for me?

Anyone and everyone is welcome at our classes, no matter your age, dress size, shoe size, religion, race or gender. We want to make our studios as accessible and welcoming as possible, so if you want to attend a class and it’s the appropriate level of experience for you, then come along! We’d love to have you come and dance with us!

I want to hire a studio.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs! Feel free to take a look at our Studio Hire page on our website for more information.

I want to start my own class.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs!

I want to know more about wedding dance lessons.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs! Feel free to take a look at our Wedding Dance page on our website for more information.

What does DSL stand for?

DSL stands for The Dance Studio Leeds!

What’s the difference between classes labelled DSL and classes that aren’t?

Our weekly class timetable is made up of classes that we, The Dance Studio Leeds, run and manage ourselves and external hirers who use our studios to run their own classes. If you look at our class timetable you can tell which classes are run by us as they’ll have DSL written on the class name, all others are run and managed by the teacher of that class.

Why can’t I use my class pass/free trial on all of the classes?

Our free trial voucher and 4 class passes are only valid for use with drop in classes labelled DSL, as these are the classes that we, The Dance Studio Leeds, run and manage ourselves – this excludes our DSL Get Down With The Kids and our DSL Courses as they have different offers and prices. All of the other classes that are not labelled DSL, are independently managed by the teacher of that class. Please visit the class page for the class you are interested in for the full information about class prices and/or multi-class offers.

Do you have any children’s classes?

At the moment the only children’s class we run is Get Down With The Kids, which occurs monthly on a Saturday from 10am – 11am. You can find out more information about it here. The rest of our DSL classes are for adults, aged 16-80 + years. We market our classes for adults, which means unfortunately we cannot allow children to participate at the moment. Some of the classes run by external hirers here at The Dance Studio Leeds, however, do allow dancers of a younger age than 16, so please check the class page for the class you’re interested in for full details.

If you are interested in running a children’s class at our studios, please get in touch with us!

I tried calling the studio and nobody answered.

Our daytime hours vary depending on how busy we are. This means that sometimes the studio isn’t open until the evening (roughly 5pm). We endeavour to respond to all email and phone enquiries as quickly as possible, and we apologise if any inconvenience has been caused.

I’m interested in booking Standby Space. How does it work?

Reserved only for non-profit use, our studios can be hired for only £6 an hour when booked 24 hours or less in advance.

Our Standby Space is subject to terms and conditions and also studio availability, so we can’t guarantee which studio will be available. Payment is required upon booking over the phone, and is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

Please call us on 0113 242 1550 for more information, to enquire about availability and to book. If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as fast as we can.