Our Inspirational Student of the Month for February is Caitlin!


Classes Attends:

When did you start dancing? 

I did a bit of contemporary dancing when I was younger, since then I haven’t danced much until I started in the improvers/intermediate commercial dance class in September. I started dancing again as I wanted to pick up a new, fun hobbie.

What is your favourite style of dance and why?

I would say commercial/street dance are my favourite styles, but I also enjoy a good boogie to my favourite songs.

Who inspires you to dance and why?

I don’t think I have anyone who inspires me directly, if I had to pick though it would have to be Beyoncé – who doesn’t want to be able to dance like her!

Check out Caitlin in action in our Improvers-Intermediate Commercial class with Jess! The first being her first class at the studio, and the second being one of the most recent!