Some people believe that dancing of any style is only for the young, but we are here to tell you that you are NEVER too old to start dancing!

You can start dancing at any age, all you need to do is come along to one of our classes and start your dancing journey off with a bang! 

How is Dance Beneficial? 

Learning to dance is beneficial for your mind and body, so no matter your age, you’ll still feel the benefits of a healthy dose of exercise whenever you attend one of our classes.

Moving your body can pave the way for a higher cardio-fitness level and increased flexibility, as well as release endorphins for a mood boost.

Learning to dance can also help with your cognitive skills such as memory, decision making and visual recognition.

In short, Dancing will have both your body and mind thanking you.


What do we have to offer here at DSL? 

Our studio is a dedicated adult dance studio which means a lot of our students range in age from 18 all the way to 80 years plus! We welcome dancers of all ages here at the studio and below are just a few classes we offer…

  • Tap (Beginners+, Improvers & Inter/Advanced)

  • Ballet (Beginners+, Improvers, Intermediate)

  • Street Dance (Beginners) 

  • Contemporary (Intro & Improvers)

  • Musical Theatre (Beginners & Improvers)

We also offer Mature day time classes for over 50’s. These classes include:

So come along and Join the DSL family now and enjoy some amazing classes!! 

Still don’t believe you can start Dancing later in life? 

Well take a look at what some of our students have stated below as this may change your mind:


I didn’t have the opportunity to dance at a young age as at five I began to wear glasses and my dance teacher would not allow me to continue!!

After having the opportunity to dance at the age of forty I found a tap dance class near me and never looked back. I am seventy six now and have danced ever since. I have danced tap, flamenco, and belly dance mainly but have also done jive, salsa, musical theatre, pop video, bollywood and disco.

Dance has changed my life, I dance most days of the week. It is good for your mental health and a sense of creativity, exercise and also companionship. Dance helps to keep you young and I would reconmend it to everyone.

On Saturday I performed in front of ten thousand people at the Awakening the opening of Leeds 2023 at Headingley Stadium. So I would say to anyone 50+ wanting to dance you are not too old, take every opportunity that comes your way and go for it!!

- Jill Springham
I Love to Dance.
Of all the things I’ve tried to ward off old-age and senior moments, dance is always at the top of my list. It’s great for the body and for the brain – it keeps any aches, pains and creaking joints at bay, and stops my 74 year-old brain from becoming foggy. It’s also a lovely way to meet new people.
On top of all that, dancing is so liberating – for two hours each week I can forget about any woes I might have and imagine that I’m rehearsing for Strictly!!
- Sue Watson

I started tap dancing about 30 years ago.

In 2021 I moved to Leeds to be near family.
Not having been able to attend classes during the Pandemic I realised how much I missed it.
Thankfully I found the class Ceris runs.
It is such a good form of exercise for mind and body and every age can benefit from it.
The social element is also a very important factor as you meet and interact with all sorts of different people.
My tap class is better than any medication as I always feel so uplifted when I leave the class and eager for the next week!
- Pat Young

I started tap dancing aged 10 years. I only had 6 lessons as it was very expensive, but at school some of us would practice every day till about aged 14yrs. I came to lessons with Ceris at aged 70 after my late husband died.  I love every minute of it. Now aged 78 (next week) I am still going strong. Ceris is marvellous with us and we have a laugh, it keeps us young. I would recommend tap dancing to anyone, even in schools for boys and girls.

- Maria

All in all age is just a number, no matter your age this shouldn’t hold you back from Dancing and all the benefits that come along with it!

So make sure to join our dance family here at The Dance Studio Leeds, as it’s never too late to learn to Dance! 

Take a peek at our classes to see what takes your fancy! 😉