We’re delighted to announce that for July we have not one, but two Inspirational Students of the Month to scream and shout about. Nominated by Flamenco teacher Barbara Thornes, we’d like to introduce you to our winners – Frank and Fiona.

Frank Lee & Fiona Hanley

Class Attends: Beginners Flamenco with Barbara, Thursdays 5:45pm – 6:45pm

When did you start dancing?

Frank– Primary School Maypole Dancing at Church Garden Party.
Fiona– I have tried different forms of dance over the years but I do love to dance (not around handbags in a nightclub).  I started doing flamenco about four years ago, I was looking for something different so started looking online to see what was out there and there I found flamenco.

What is your favourite style of dance and why?

Frank– Flamenco because the feet become percussion instruments playing along with the myriad rhythms and beats and contrabeats, and it can portray pathos and joy at will.
Fiona– I would have to say flamenco because it is the dance I have stuck with and feel like it is more me.  It is not the easiest dance to pick up but I do love the way it makes me feel when I’m dancing, especially when the choreography clicks with me.  I love the fact that you don’t need a partner (I do love dancing in hold with someone who really knows how to dance), I love the way it brings a smile to my face and the way it makes me feel free, powerful and happy I also love the fact that when I am dancing my mind is taken away from the stresses and worries of life outside of the studio.

Who inspires you to dance and why?

Frank– Gene Kelly, especially Singing in the rain cos he’s found happiness in love.
Fiona– I have always loved watching musicals, ballet, Lord of the Dance, Strictly Come Dancing and going way back watching Fame on a Saturday afternoon. I guess I have been inspired by all of the shows and dreaming that maybe one day I could dance like a professional.   I’m not a natural dancer by any means it must be frustrating for the teachers (Luisa and Barbara) when I am having difficulty picking up the steps, they both have great patience. Barbara has given me the confidence to improve my dance I can see the difference in myself and feel inspired and proud of myself.