This month it’s our superstar Kat Smith!

Kat Smith

Classes Kat teaches:

What’s your dance background?

I started dancing Tap and Modern at the age of 5! If you want to see me in a gingerbread outfit check out the board in reception :’). I stopped before I got to a teenager as I became very self-conscious due to being a big lass and the other girlies got in their cliques and I was a loner. I absolutely loved to dance, but couldn’t deal with the social side of it.

I picked dancing back up again when I was at College. This time it was Streetdance, my music taste had changed and so did my body movements. I was super nervous and it took me a while to even get into the studio. Once I got into the swing I ended up going to Uni and was in the dance society competing and winning first place. I was then given the opportunity to teach and my journey really began from there.

From then on I have been in two dance companies, owned one myself, toured, performed in award ceremonies, music videos, and theatres. I’ve taught workshops throughout the UK and have a regular residency spot at my second home The Dance Studio Leeds!

My dreams have come to fruition this year! Not without hard work like. This year I will have presented at fitness events and choreographed for a theatre company! Not bad for a phat n phunky lass eh 😉

The main goal since coming into my own past 6 years of dancing is this: Making dancing accessible to everyone and to make them feel good in their own skin. It’s tough to step into a studio let alone dance in it and know what you’re doing! I want people to come into my class feeling happy that their teacher cares about them and relaxed. I’ve had a difficult experience through my career, people haven’t accepted me, not been given jobs all because of the way I look. I want to let you all know that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, where you’ve come from, you’re welcome to dance with me and I will always try to make the class as fun as possible!

What’s your favourite style?

I have two! New Jack Swing; the energy and groove get me every time! And Lyrical Hip Hop, gives me the chance to really explore myself and movement to old and new school music. If you’ve ever been to my classes you know I love to shake my bum and body roll wherever I can, no matter what style we’re doing that day!

If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?

I’m very lucky as I get to do my other dream career during the day! I’m a digital marketer, which incorporates all of my favourite things, design, writing, photography and learning about how websites work and the algorithms of the online world!

Where can we find out more about your classes?