Introducing our October teacher feature, Anna Cabre-Verdiell!

Anna Cabre-Verdiell

Classes Anna teaches:
  • DSL Ballet Level 1 / Mondays 7:25-8:25pm

  • DSL Ballet Fundamentals / Mondays 8:30-9:30pm

  • DSL Ballet Fitness / Tuesdays 7:35-8:05pm

  • DSL Ballet Level 2 / Tuesdays 7:10-9:30pm

What is your dance background?

As a child, I spent several years ‘dancing’ as a member of an artistic roller skating team. The practice involved coordination, moving through music, following a choreography whilst skating as part of an ensemble and all sorts of jumps, turns, lifts and leg swings. So, I guess we could count that as part of my dance background. Then I went into ballet which eventually led to contemporary dance and little bits and bobs of tap, jazz and street dance. Ballet and Contemporary dance were however my main focus, and so several years into my training I moved to Leeds to complete my studies at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

What is your favourite style and why?


That’s like asking an ice cream lover to pick just one flavour… impossible! The beauty of dance is its versatility and the fact that there’s something for each moment and for everyone; sometimes I just want to shake it off and get crazy, and then there’s also moments that ask for a soothing or grounding groove. So, I guess that more than a preferred style, what I enjoy is tapping into the right one depending on my mood.

If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?

I would love to work on the radio! I’m an absolute fan of the audio media and the connective power of voice and sound. The radio is for me a wonderful companion; the first thing I switch on in the morning and the last one I turn off at night. Furthermore, in the screen centric times we live in, softening the eyes and engaging through my ears feels very much like a releasing pleasure.

I believe I would also be very happy doing something physical and in nature in a far away land. I will leave the ‘what’ to your imagination…

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