October’s teacher to feature is Emma Clayton!

Emma Clayton

Classes Emma teaches:

What’s your dance background?

I started dancing when I was 3 years old with Ballet, Tap & Jazz then found Contemporary in A Level Dance, and fell in love with this genre with its grounding and creativity. I trained at NSCD, left in 1998 and soon joined Ascendance Dance Company becoming Artist Director and touring nationally. I worked with great artists including Gary Clarke. In 2005 I became a dance lecturer in Higher Education for 12 years, before returning back to remerging as a dance artist forming Blood Memory Dance in 2016 of which we are currently on regional tour with ‘Counting Planes’.

What’s your favourite style?

I enjoy many styles of dance physical theatre & Hip hop but my favourite is Contemporary which I have always felt at home and at ease with before I even knew what it was. I use to like to create dynamic, elevating dances throwing myself around the room so my teacher told me to audition for all the contemporary colleges. I was fortunate enough in my training to receive a high standard in Graham and Cunningham technique which I then pursued further in London and New York. Contemporary is a less codified practice to other styles, using free expression and emotion from deep within, which feels amazing and good for the heart & soul.

If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?

Probably in a role helping people a nurse or care worker, my dance teaching has led me to work with elderly and disabled people, as I have a instinctive nurturing quality and empathy with people. My grandmother was a nurse after WW2 so I must gain this influence and instinct from her.

Where can we find out more about your classes?