Stay ahead of the game and prepare for digital and in person auditions as you apply for your next college and company roles.

In light of the pandemic the application process for colleges and auditions is evolving and ever increasingly going digital. Our studios have been busy the last month with students preparing for their auditions and putting together and filming their content. Here’s a few tips to consider when putting yours together….

  • Make sure you have read the latest guidance and application details – things are constantly changing in line with covid guidelines and this may impact how auditions and applications will be accepted. Make sure you sign up to their updates and read their latest supporting audition documents.

  • Arrange for a 1-2-1 session or attend an audition workshop with industry leading teachers and choreographers who can offer support and guidance about what the audition panels will be looking out for and help guide you to make that all important impact to stand out from the crowd.

  • Knowledge is Power! Research the company and college you want to apply for and find out what their ethos is and find the ‘why’ you are the perfect candidate for the role or deserve a place on their course. They will want to know about yourself and this is a great opportunity to feed into that conversation and show them you are passionate and invested in working and training with them.

  • Chat to current students, graduates and those that already work with the company or college so you know what to expect and how the process works. This will give you a great heads up and help put you at ease for when you get to the audition stage.

  • Lots of colleges and universities also offer advice and tips on training and auditioning so make sure you follow their social feeds and sign up for alerts and news.

  • Consider the background and lighting when filming the audition reels and videos. Ideally find a dance studio so you are not inhibited by space and you can show off your talent to its full potential. A clear background with good lighting will also enable the panel to see your movements and lines easier so if you can either clear a suitable space at home or find a studio to film from.

  • You need to be heard! Make sure your film audio is clear and easy to hear on your digital auditions. Practice to the camera or with a friend before you submit your entry so you can confidently put across all the important information you want to include on the final edit.

If you need some support or guidance with your auditions drop us a line!

Our studios are available at discounted rates for dance students to film audition videos and for personal practice to help you prepare. We work alongside fantastic industry leading teachers and choreographers (many who teach for colleges around the UK) and we have great connections with graduate dancers from various colleges and institutions including Northern School of Contemporary Dance, SLP, Renaissance Arts, Urdang Academy, and LIPA to name a few.

If you are interested in audition workshops and masterclasses please get in touch for future events.