Welcome to the vibrant world of Flows & Fusions, where rhythm, style, and self- discovery converge in a dance experience unlike any other! Led by the remarkable
Flows Delgado, this class is more than just choreography – its a celebration of dance, diversity, and two decades of expertise.

Flows & Fusions is not just a class – it’s a journey led by a seasoned performer, choreographer, and coach. Flows seamlessly fuses street dance, commercial, lyrical, hip hop, house, ragga, and beyond, creating an eclectic dance experience. Her choreography sessions go beyond steps, encouraging self-discovery, creativity, and a connection with emotions.

In each class, Flows draws from her rich heritage, infusing Afro Luso rhythms into movements. The sessions transcend the dance floor, becoming a celebration of diversity and a platform for personal growth. With over two decades of experience, Flows creates an inclusive and supportive environment, inspiring dancers to explore their unique style across a spectrum of genres.

Flows & Fusions isn’t just a class; it’s a community. Connect with fellow dancers, immerse yourself in the music, and unleash your inner performer in an environment shaped by Flows wisdom and expertise. The class welcomes dancers of all backgrounds and levels, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual inspiration.

Additional Info Dates: Fridays Age Group: 16+ years Level: Open Level What to bring: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for dancing Do I need to book? Must book in advance
Tutor Bio With a passion for dance that ignited at a young age, Flows Delgado began her remarkable journey into the world of movement. Born of Cape Verdean and Senegalese descent, her unique Afro Luso heritage influences her dynamic choreography. Flows dance career has been a tapestry of performances, choreography, and coaching that spans over two decades. Notably, she received her invitation to teach on one of Portugals biggest platforms at the tender age of 16, marking the beginning of her influential career.