You’ve just started learning Swing Dance and you want to expand your repertoire of knowledge. Fantastic, take one of these short courses! All of the below courses are great follow on’s from our Fundamentals Course. Learn alongside a small group of other new dancers in a structured environment.

  • Small class size
  • Individual feedback
  • Structured learning


Upcoming Courses:


  • Tricky Moves: 31st May – 21st June. In this four week course we’ll teach you some classic moves that are a bit too tricky to cover in a drop in class. The aim of this course is to spend a good amount of time learning how to do these tricky moves well so as to lead and follow them smoothly on the social dance floor. You will be required to have a good grasp of the fundamentals of Lindy Hop.


  • Balboa Basics: 28th Jun – 19th July. Our Balboa Basics course will help you build your basic skills giving you a solid foundation in balboa moves and techniques. No previous dance experience necessary.


  • Intro To Partnered Charleston: 30th Aug – 20th Sept. This course will give you a good number of moves and the technique to social dance with a partner. Perfect for beginners or lindy hoppers looking for some new moves to add to their repertoire.


  • Swingouts: 27th Sept – 18th Oct. The course will go over the basic shape of a swingout and progress to more in depth technique and a couple of variations to spice things up a bit. This course is for people who’ve never learnt a swing out, but have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of Lindy hop – this is the next step for you.


  • Frankie Moves: 25th Oct – 15th Nov. Frankie Manning (aka The Ambassador of Swing) had some great classic moves that we think all lindy hoppers should have in their repertoire! This course is aimed at dancers who are comfortable with the basics and looking for some new cool moves.


  • California Routines: 22nd Nov – 13th Dec. The California Routine is a classic lindy hop routine, which draws on all of the fundamentals of lindy hop, including 6 beat, 8 beat and charleston footwork. It includes some small lifts and is often used as a performance routine. You will need to have a good grasp of the fundamentals of lindy hop and be comfortable with swingouts for this course.
Additional Info Dates: Wednesdays (Tricky Moves: 31st May - 21st June 2023) Age Group: Adults (min.18 yrs) Level: Beginners - Improvers What to bring: Flat shoes and comfortable clothes recommended. Do I need to book? Yes
Tutor Bio Rob and Tina have studied Lindy Hop under some of the best teachers in the world. They have been teaching and performing together as Swing Dance Leeds since 2011. They teach at events all over the UK and every night of the week locally. They are very keen on getting new people dancing and welcome everyone who wants to learn. Their courses fun, friendly and go at a steady pace, and focus on getting ready for the social dance floor.