What are we doing to reduce our environmental impact?

If you’ve been to visit us at the studio recently, you may have noticed that we’ve made a few changes. Here’s how we’re trying to lessen our environmental impact:

No longer selling water:

We’ve made the decision to no longer sell water at reception. Instead we’ve invested in some large plastic cups that you can use during your time at the studio. There’s free drinking water in the chill out area of the main building, in studio 1 and in the kitchenette in studio 3, so there’s plenty of places to fill up your bottle or cup. We’re also part of Yorkshire Water’s Refill scheme, so if you’re nearby and want to top up your bottle, feel free to swing by with no questions asked! You can find out more about the scheme here: Refill.

Hand Towels:

We’ve also made the transition away from paper towels in the toilet areas in favour of 100% cotton hand towels. It works the same as a hand towel – once you’ve done your business, dry your hands on one of hand towels, and then just drop it into the bin below.

We’d like to request that if you’re visiting us for a longer period of time you adopt one towel for yourself, rather than using a new one each time so we can also reduce the amount of water needed to wash the towels. Paper towels and kitchen roll made from recycled materials are still available in the chill out and studio 3 kitchenette if you spill your tea.


Unlike previously, when it was just paper recycling we are now able to recycle plastic and metal alongside paper waste at Mabgate Mills. We’ve also upgraded our bins so that we have separate general waste and mixed recycling at various locations around the studios.

Please help us by placing your waste in the correct bins, and for any recycling please ensure that it’s clean! Dirty items can’t be recycled and will mean we have to fish it out before it goes into the main bin.

Here’s what can be recycled:

Eco shop:

We have a small selection of eco friendly items available at reception. Products include:

Bamboo Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Shampoo Bars, Soap, Reusable Menstrual Pads, Cotton Ear buds

Just ask us at reception and we can help you out.

Have any other ideas to lesson our environmental impact here at DSL? Just drop us an email at info@thedancestudioleeds.com!

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash