A year and a month ago I was shiny and gleaming. Brand new in the DSL office. Although my time here has been short, it’s been super sweet. I leave this office, not tarnished by the experience, but rather, galvanised by the people I have met and the wonderful dancing I have seen in these studios.

I expect some of you are wondering why I am leaving when I have so clearly cherished my time here. Alas, I fear I arrived at DSL at a time in my life where I didn’t know what I wanted. I wanted to learn about the management of a dance organisation, but I also wanted to travel the world and pursue my dreams of performing. Two opposing paths which sadly mean I have to say goodbye.

I journey to the wet and windy land of the Danes, to continue dancing with Black Box Dance Company. However, before I take this new path, allow me to share some of my favourite moments over the last year…

May 2016

Cycles Screening – Leeds Creative Contemporary Dance

I was invited into the studio to watch the screening of this beautiful film one Saturday afternoon. Take a look, I promise it’s worth it.

Project Manager – Rosemary Spencer
Artists – Vanessa Grasse, Bryony Pritchard, Rosemary Spencer and Barney Bardsley.

This project was funded by a Leeds Inspired Grant.

August 2016

Studio 3

Honestly keeping this under wraps was one of the hardest things I had to do. Expanding to include this wonderful space has brought so many new dancers, teachers and people into our world, and I only hope it continues to in the future.

October 2016

Celebration of Dance 2 for Yorkshire Cancer Research

I had the great pleasure of helping to organise this show for Yorkshire Cancer Research as well as lending a hand backstage on show day. From Flamenco to Cheer Dance and from Tap to Salsa we had it all, and it was beautiful to watch it unfolding from the side of the stage.

December 2016

Staff Christmas Party

It’s rare that everybody in the office gets together because we all work different days. When we do however, there’s trampolining and a hearty Sunday dinner at The Tetley!

February 2017

Move GB Award

I love how many different styles of dance that are on offer at The Dance Studio Leeds, and because of that how many different types of people come into our studios. Everyone and anyone can dance and I think this award represents DSL’s commitment to this ethos.

And with those few short insights into my time here at The Dance Studio Leeds I shall bring this reminiscence to a close. Naturally you won’t be able to get rid of me that easily, for I am sure that I will be back in these walls soon. As someone who in the future wants to base herself in Leeds, and with DSL being a pivotal cog in the Leeds dance scene it seems inevitable that I will be knocking around here again.

You can keep up with me (if you wish) via my personal blog which I will endeavour to update on an almost regular basis.

See you soon!