Classes Attends:

When did you start dancing?

When I was little I went to a dance class but my mother said I didn’t like it because it was too busy and noisy for me, so that didn’t last very long. When I was in my thirties, I joined a tap class with a friend. I really enjoyed it and (somehow) managed to gain the ITDA bronze and silver medals.  The class packed in when I was practicing for the gold medal, so I didn’t manage that one. Several years later, I went to Yorkshire Dance for tap and then jazz classes, which subsequently moved to DSL and I’ve been coming ever since, about eleven years now.

What is your favourite style of dance and why?

I enjoy both classes, they give us a good workout physically and also mentally, as Ceris’s routines certainly challenge our memories and coordination.  I also enjoy the social side.  We try to do our best but don’t take ourselves too seriously and have a laugh along the way.

Who inspires you to dance and why?

I suppose enjoying watching dance in films, shows etc. made me want to have a go.  Ceris is always encouraging (and patient) and I think we all inspire each other to find our inner Ginger Rogers!

Well Done Maureen! 🙂