Classes Attends:

Intro to Contemporary with Charlotte

Street Dance with Jess

Ballet Fitness with Anna

When did you start dancing?

I took latin classes like salsa and cha-cha when I was little, but only for 1-2 years in pre-school. Last year I mustered up the courage to pick up dancing again, when I discovered there’s actually many adult classes for beginners.

What is your favourite style of dance and why?

I enjoy the act of dancing itself and learning new routines.

If I had to pick a favourite – contemporary, definitely. It feels natural and there’s so much room for self-expression. I love how movements flow into one another to make it seamless.

Something I would really like to try in the future is commercial and see if I could mix and match moves from both styles. At the moment, I’m doing contemporary and street dance.

Who inspires you to dance and why?

My uncle is my biggest inspiration – he’s a professional dancer and now a teacher. When I was a kid I watched the tapes with his ballroom and latin competitions, and I sat there and thought “Woow! This is magic!” – you know, it was like they came out of a disney movie.

I still feel the same way about dancing and I’m happy I get to learn with such a lovely group of people

Check out Didi in action in the video below!